Physical Therapist Home Services

We understand that patients with limited mobility may have difficulties receiving physical therapy outside of their homes. Our aim is to enable patients to receive comprehensive physical therapy at home and regain a healthy and active lifestyle as soon as possible.

Occupational Therapist Home Services

Occupational therapy utilizes targeted treatments, functional training, environmental modifications, and other methods to enhance the life skills and quality of individuals affected by physical, psychological, learning, or other obstacles, including aging-related issues.

Speech Therapist Home Services

Our home-based speech therapists specialize in providing professional rehabilitation services to individuals with speech, communication, or swallowing disorders, such as seniors recovering from a stroke. Speech therapists conduct professional assessments and diagnoses for patients and design individualized treatments based on their needs. They also provide support to patients' families and caregivers.


Physiotheapist/Occupational therapist/Speech therapist
$1,150 per session, onwards session $950 (Price may vary depending on year of experience)
(1 hour per session)